Scott Weiland's Wife Denies His Addiction After Bandmate Arrested for Cocaine Possession

The Wildabouts' bassist Tommy Black was arrested for Probable Cause Felony 5th Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance following Weiland's death.

AceShowbiz - Bloomington, Minn. police who arrived on %cScott Weiland%'s tour bus discovered cocaine on the vehicle and arrested bassist %cTommy Black% for possession of a controlled substance. It is yet clear whether drugs played any role in Weiland's death because many reports that the rocker died of cardiac arrest and he was sleeping at that time.

The cocaine was found in a small amount near Black's headquarter and close to where Weiland's body was discovered in the early morning of Friday, December 4. The band, called The Wildabouts, was scheduled to perform in Minnesota that day.

Days before his death, Weiland was reported to have relapsed into crack cocaine use and heavy drinking. He had been struggling with substance abuse for a long time but his wife Jamie insisted that he was clean at the time of the death.

Jamie told TMZ that there was a pact among the band not to do drugs but clearly someone had broken the deal. Jamie traveled with the band for sometime but left them several weeks ago. "He was the best he has ever been," said the wife who admitted that Weiland did occasional drinking.

Black is held at the Bloomington Police Department, pending charges.

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