Adam Levine Posts Blake Shelton's Terrible Voice Video After 'a Sperm Cell' Diss

After Blake called Adam's shaved head 'a sperm cell' on 'Live! with Kelly and Michael', the Maroon 5 singer posts on Twitter a candid video of Blake singing in terrible voice.

AceShowbiz - %cAdam Levine% apparently doesn't follow the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold." Just hours after %cBlake Shelton% appeared on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" and called Adam's shaved head "a sperm cell," the %cMaroon 5% singer posted on Twitter on Monday, November 16 a candid video of the country singer singing in his bad voice.

The video showed Blake driving a car. Not knowing that he's being recorded, the "Sangria" singer seriously tried to sing like an opera singer but he ended up making terrible voice. A caption for the video read, "Yup, caught him on tape."

Responding to the video, a fan @Lu_gg said, "He definitely doesn't know what song is this ... lol #shevine." Another fan @iampaigeb wrote, "Sounds like he needs a little coaching by Adam." Furthermore, fan @AudreyBoswell3 took it more seriously as saying, "What was that ? Is Blake trying to hit your amazing range Adam? Sorry Blake no one has range like Adam does!!!"

Earlier in the day, Blake made an appearance on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" where he commented on Adam's current appearance. "When you give yourself such a bad haircut, when you realize when you walk out of the place that you look stupid and you say yourself: 'Hey man do you think I look like Doctor Evil?' " he said after footage from Adam's past appearance on the show was played.

Blake didn't stop there as he went on saying, "He's like laying it all out there for me because he already knows he looks like a sperm cell." The 39-year-old country singer was then presented with a photoshopped image of him with shaved head. In response to the image, Blake joked, "I look like I'm about to be in one of those 'Fast and Furious' movies."

Adam and Blake teamed up with Nissan to give their #VoiceCommute one more chance and to practice their next duet!

Posted by The Voice on Monday, November 16, 2015

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