'Transformers' Franchise Won't Omit Human Characters

Although many considered human characters in the franchise meaningless, writer Akiva Goldsman hinted that there would still be humans in future 'Transformers' movies.

AceShowbiz - While "Transformers 5" is underway, a new detail about the blockbuster franchise has surfaced. In an interview with IGN, writer Akiva Goldsman hinted that future Transformers movies would still include human characters, despite the fact that it hasn't always satisfied fans.

The question of whether the franchise will still feature human characters starts mounting after "Transformers: Age of Extinction". People found that Cade Yeagar (Mark Wahlberg) and his family's storyline in the film was weightless. The relationship between Sam (Shia LaBeouf) and Bumblebee in the first movie did perform well, but in the second, third and fourth movies, human characters seemingly became meaningless and could not give significant contribution to the stories.

In spite of people's thoughts about human characters, Goldman said that humans would remain the stars of the franchise. Although Goldsman thought that Transformers could still be alive without humans, he found it still important to put humans into future movies. "But, fundamentally, there seems to be something really great about the interaction between the two species," he explained. "I think that, in the main, I would suggest that that would be something you wouldn't want to squander. Although that doesn't mean that you couldn't do all sorts of things for a little while."

Goldsman is currently writing "Transformers 5", helped by some other notable scribes in writers' room. Michael Bay returns to direct the movie which is expected to open in North America in 2017.

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