Hillary Clinton Would Like to See Lenny Kravitz's Penis

The Democratic presidential candidate is eager to see the video of Lenny exposing his penis onstage after splitting his pants mid-concert in Sweden.

AceShowbiz - Hillary Clinton revealed to %cLena Dunham% that she's eager to see the video of %cLenny Kravitz% popping his penis out of his pants mid-concert in Sweden. Hillary was a bit confused when she accepted the "Girls" star's offer to do an interview for her Lenny newsletter as she thought she would be chatting with the "Fly Away" rocker rather than Lena.

In a hilarious mock promo for the interview, courtesy of Funny or Die, Lena told Hillary, "Madam Secretary, I cannot tell you what an honor it is for me and for all the Lenny readers to be able to speak to you in this way." Bill Clinton's wife then replied with a confused facial expression, "I thought this was an interview with Lenny Kravitz."

Lena then asked the Democratic presidential candidate, "Did you see the footage where his pants split?" Hillary responded with a look of interest, "No, I missed that." Lena explained further, "I mean... his stuff fell out of his pants." Hillary then replied, "Yeah? Do you think I could get that on YouTube?" Lena informed the former Secretary of State that she can, to which Hillary said, "Good. I'll look for that."

Lena's full interview with Hillary will premiere on "Lenny" on Tuesday, September 29.

Lenny accidentally exposed his penis to thousands of concertgoers when performing at the Grona Lund theme park in Stockholm back in August. The 51-year-old singer flashed his private parts when he accidentally ripped his pants at the crotch area as he squatted down to strum his guitar on stage. He then took a quick break and returned wearing different trousers.

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