Justin Bieber Threatened by Security at Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Match

Although he is tight with the boxing champion, the pop singer was not allowed to enter the ring for the post-victory ceremony.

AceShowbiz - %cJustin Bieber% was threatened by security guards at %cFloyd Mayweather, Jr.%'s boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 12 night. The "What Do You Mean" singer was denied entry at the ring to celebrate the boxer's victory over %cAndre Berto%.

Bieber is friends with Mayweather, Jr. The singer approached the boxing champ inside the ring for post-fight ceremony, walking casually without trouble. However, police soon noticed Bieber's unqualified presence and politely asked him to step out.

A video emerged on TMZ of Bieber trying to get back in the ring and a guard barking at him, "You wanna be escorted out in handcuffs, young man?" It was hard to make out what Bieber was saying back but the security snapped, "I don't care who you are."

Bieber had previously escorted Mayweather, Jr. into the ring twice. Of the unlikely friendship, Mayweather, Jr. said last year that people should stop questioning the relationship because it's "racial profiling".

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