'Code Black' Cast Shiri Appleby as Pregnant Doctor

The actress, who is pregnant in real life, will show up at L.A .county hospital Angel Memorial to treat her muscle pain.

AceShowbiz - Shiri Appleby has no plan to stop acting despite heavily pregnant with her second child. The "UnREAL" star is set to appear on CBS' medical drama "Code Black" this season as a guest star.

According to Variety, Appleby is currently scheduled for only one episode but she could come back for more. She will play Dr. Carla Niven, the ex-girlfriend of first-year resident Melanie Chandra's Dr. Malaya Pineda, who shows up at the hospital as a patient.

The character is described as "a hard charging, type-A ER doctor from another area hospital who trained at Code Black's Angels Memorial, which is where her romance began with Dr. Pineda who was then a medical student." Appleby's pregnancy is going to be played into the storyline. Pineda treats a pregnant Niven who shows up to the hospital for treatment for muscle pain that turns out to be a form of cancer.

"She has this ex who shows up and it seems simple, but it turns into something serious," series creator Michael Seitzman told Variety. "Over the course of Malaya treating her and supporting her, this love story develops, but ultimately, it's a bit of a tragic love story." He added, "She's a terrific actress. It's a wonderful story."

"Code Black" premieres September 30 at 10 P.M. on CBS. The title refers to a state of emergency where there are more patients than those to take care of them. Starring Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, and Ben Hollingsworth, the series follows a team of doctors at L.A .county hospital Angel Memorial.

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