Ashley Graham to Fat-Shaming YouTube Star Nicole Arbour: 'The Subject Matter Is Disgusting'

The first plus-size model is reacting to Nicole's controversial video titled 'Dear Fat People' which pokes fun at people who are obese.

AceShowbiz - Plus-size model %cAshley Graham% is reacting to a controversial "Dear Fat People" video posted by YouTube star Nicole Arbour which pokes fun at people who are obese. Speaking to E! News at the New York Fashion Week kick-off party, Ashley said she was horrified by the video although she normally thought Nicole was a funny person.

"[Nicole] is a funny girl but the subject matter is disgusting," the 27-year-old model, who has been an advocate for women of all sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin, told the site, "I feel like women already have so much that they have to go through in their day-to-day, so why are you going to sit there and tell us you're fat or tell us that we are big boned?"

Ashley continued, "I am not an advocate for bulimia, anorexia or obesity, but I am an advocate for women and empowering women and making sure that women around me feel comfortable and confident. That is not something she is about! I really did not like the video at all, but you know what it's doing? It's giving the curvy girls more publicity. It's saying, 'Hey curvy girls you actually are sexy!' "

Nicole previously received backlash after posting the "fat-shaming" video. In the video, she wanted to ask "fat people" to get back to healthy lifestyle which leads to fitness. She even compared fat people to "walking zombies" and poked fun at the viral Body Positive campaign.

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