Ne-Yo Finally Married to Fiancee Crystal Renay, Preparing to Welcome Another Baby

Ne-Yo's fiancee Crystal hinted at their rumored marriage by posting on Instagram a romantic picture of the couple just a day before showing a growing baby bump in a black-and-white photograph.

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo's fiancee Crystal Renay hinted at their rumored marriage by posting on Instagram a romantic picture of the couple on August 29. A source close to the couple confirms to Entertainment Tonight that the two are married and that Crystal is expecting a baby.

Crystal shared with over 103,000 followers on her social media account a picture showing the R&B singer resting his head on her chest. The adorable picture came along with the caption, "Rest your soul chocolate, I'm watching over your heart now #neyo #CrystalRenay."

Just a day after their romantic picture, Ne-Yo posted a snap on the social media which obliquely announced Crystal's pregnancy. In the said picture, Ne-Yo's wife Crystal held a black-and-white photograph covering half of her face. However, it was obvious that the Instagram model was smiling ear-to-ear. The black-and-white photograph she was holding showed the two looking happy while the R&B singer was holding on her growing baby bump. "Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!" read the caption.

Meanwhile, Crystal posted on the social media the bigger version of the black-and-white photograph. She wrote a lengthy note to shut down any negative comments on her pregnancy. It read, " 'No matter what they say' our Miracle is on the way and I couldn't feel more blessed. You're negativity means nothing to us. We are happy, we've BEEN happy and will always be HAPPY no matter what they say."

The model also expressed her gratitude as saying, "Thanking The Lord above for those who know my story know what this absolute miracle means to me. #BabySmith #Neyo #CrystalRenay #GodsChild #WasAlwaysInHisTime #BlindFaith thank you all who are happy for our happy."

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