'Django Unchained' Star Daniele Watts Is Given Community Service

The 29-year-old actress has been sentenced to 15 days of community labor and two years of probation after a judge called her apology to LAPD 'insincere.'

AceShowbiz - %cDaniele Watts% and her boyfriend Brian Lucas have been ordered to perform community service after a judge called their apology to LAPD "insincere and passive aggressive." The judge sentenced Daniele and Brian on Wednesday, August 26 to 15 days of community labor and two years of probation.

Daniele and her boyfriend previously gave the judge an apology letter which raised eyebrows. The "Django Unchained" actress called Sgt. Jim Parker, who was involved in the incident, sarcastic and dismissive. The couple was then ordered to try again and Daniele later apologized for what she called lack of emotional control.

The sergeant responded to Daniele's apology, saying, "That was not an apology at all. It was an excuse letter."

Back in May, Daniele and Brian pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace with loudness in a September 2014 incident. The couple was detained on September 11 by Jim, who claimed somebody called 911 to complain that there were two people having sex in a car near the CBS studio parking area. The pair then accused the police officer of being racist and claimed Daniele was mistaken for prostitute due to her skin color.

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