Oprah Winfrey Canceled Duggars Interview After Being Tipped Off Molestation Accusation

Springdale police report reveals that the interview with the Duggar family in 2006 was canceled after Harpo received an email about molestation claims against one of the family members.

AceShowbiz - Springdale police report with reference to Josh Duggar revealed the reason behind the cancellation of the Duggar family appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" back in 2006. By the time the long-running talk show ended in 2012, the family never made appearance on the show.

According to Springdale police report obtained by In Touch Magazine, Harpo Studios made a report to the Springdale Police Department on December 12, 2006 about possible crime done by one of the family members. Harpo received an email tipping off a Duggar family member's misconduct. The email said that the Duggar family from Arkasas were "not what they seem to be." Harpo forwarded a copy of the email to the authorities.

On the email, the sender stated that Josh Duggar, whose name was blacked out throughout the report, allegedly had molested certain minor victims "while they were sleeping and the parents have been hiding this secret for a long time." The sender added, "I think that you should know the truth before they make a complete fool of you and your show." The sender ended the email, "Please consider this and confront them abou[t] their secret."

Jim Bob Duggar, along with his wife Michelle Duggar and their children, was scheduled to tape an interview with Oprah Winfrey on December 8, 2006. The email which the studio received on December 7, 2006, one day before their supposed sit-down, caused Oprah to cancel the taping.

After Josh Duggar admitted his misconduct, the reality show about his family, "19 Kids and Counting, was pulled off schedule by TLC.

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