Christopher Lloyd Goes 'Back to the Future' in 'Lego Dimensions' Ad

In the commercial, the 76-year-old actor reprises his role as Dr. Emmet Brown, teasing his famous final line from the movie 'Back to the Future'.

AceShowbiz - Christopher Lloyd stars in a new trailer for "Lego Dimensions", the upcoming toys-to-life video game featuring Lego features from various intellectual properties. In the ad, Christopher reprises his "Back to the Future" role Dr. Emmet Brown a.k.a. Doc Brown.

The approximately 2-and-a-half-minute video shows Doc Brown receiving a mysterious package with blue glowing light. Doc then brings the package into his garage, puts it on the table and begins talking to himself with a microphone.

When opening the package, Doc finds a Lego toy of himself, saying, "Where did you come from?" He then puts the toy on a platform and starts to build the other parts of the puzzle. After completing all the parts, a blue light and big wind come from a circle-shaped portal and Doc's time adventure begins.

The video then shows a scene of Doc's Lego toy traveling to the past with his time machine car, meeting superheroes like Batman, Superman and Gandalf. At one point, Doc decides to go back to the future. At the end of the video, Doc can be seen talking to his minifigure, "My friend, where we're going we don't need, actually I have no idea what we'll need."

"Lego Dimensions" will launch on September 27 with the release of starter pack, including Lego Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle, and "Back to the Future" pack. "Lego Dimensions" will allow players to customize their experience after the launching and throughout the first half of 2016 with additional packs like DC Comics Team Pack featuring Joker and Harley Quinn, three additional DC Comics Fun Packs featuring Superman, Aquaman and Bane, Back to the Future Fun Pack with Doc Brown and two additional LEGO Ninjago Fun Packs with Sensei Wu and Lloyd.

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