Rapper Jo Jo Capone Helps Settle The Game and Young Thug's Feud

The Game and Young Thug have finally called a truce over the diss thanks to a mutual friend, Capone, who called both rappers to get back making music instead of continuing the beef.

AceShowbiz - After launching fierce threats directed at each other, %cThe Game% and %cYoung Thug% finally ceased their dispute thanks to %cJo Jo Capone%. Capone who is a mutual friend and The Game's cousin had a conversation with both rappers to call a truce.

Capone was concerned about the threats both rappers made against each other via Instagram. "I guess Game went to [Thug's] Instagram page and seen a picture of me on the page. He was like, 'Aw damn. I done went at this dude. Big homie rocking with him, so let me hit him up,' " Capone told Forbez DVD. "He told me what happened. I was like, 'Before this s**t gets out of hand let me go ahead and put the water on the flame.' "

He also called Thug regarding this issue. He told both of them to end their feud and get back to making music. After he called both rappers, he posted a picture of The Game and Young Thug on his Instagram, captioning it, "I just had a great peaceful conversation with both of y'all I want to continue to see y'all smile and do what y'all love to do. Support your families y'all both have children and siblings that's rooting for peace so with that being said, love y'all we need y'all to put an end to the minor situation & not let the media who only care about ratings fuel the situation. Let's love and respect each other peace & love."

The Game confirmed that the disagreement had ended, tweeting, "Just got off the horn wit my cousin @JoJoCapone1 #TheFlexinGoneBePutToBed #RealN***aS**t."

The dispute between both rappers was getting more serious as The Game and Young Thug made threats against each other via Instagram earlier this week. The diss was started by The Game who was unhappy by Thug's disrespectful manner to his buddy, Lil Wayne, about the dispute over album title. He threw shots at Thug while performing in New Orleans, which was then responded by Thug via Instagram.

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