Madonna Criticized for Texting During a Theater Performance

Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter on Saturday night, April 18 to seemingly blast Madonna for texting during a performance of 'Hamilton' at the New York City's Public Theater.

AceShowbiz - Madonna was apparently hit with a sharp criticism for her poor audience etiquette during "Hamilton" show at the New York City's Public Theater. It's Lin-Manuel Miranda, a star, author and composer for "Hamilton", who blasted her after the 56-year-old singer was spotted texting during the show.

"Tonight was the first time I asked stage management NOT to allow a celebrity (who was texting all through Act 2) backstage #noselfieforyou," Miranda tweeted on Saturday night, April 18, referring to an unnamed celebrity audience. However, the post was later deleted.

A source in the audience believed that the message was for Madonna as the source saw Madonna was at the show and texting throughout the night. "It was definitely her," the source said. "She was texting, I believe, although at one point she also pulled out a Blackberry. She was also 20 minutes late and caused quite a stir getting to her seat."

After someone in the audience tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, eventually the diva stopped texting. "To her credit, she did," the source added. However, Madonna considered the warning annoying, responding, "It's for business, enslavers!"

However, some people didn't believe that the tweet was for Madonna. "Some people are shocked by this, because Madonna was visibly tearing up, everybody there thought that she was very moved by it," a second source said.

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