'Downton Abbey' Bosses Wanted to Continue the Show Without Julian Fellowes

Bosses at ITV and NBCUniversal tried to convince the writer to let other people pen the show so that it could go on for more years.

AceShowbiz - "Downton Abbey" has been announced to end after the upcoming season 6, but bosses at ITV and NBCUniversal reportedly wanted it to continue. They reportedly persuaded the series' creator and writer Julian Fellowes to let someone else do the writing duties to keep it going.

"ITV and NBC wanted Julian to let someone else do it, but it wasn't something he wanted," a source told Radio Times. "Downton is Julian's." The writer admitted to The Hollywood Reporter, "I think there are some people involved who would be quite happy for it to go on for more years, but they didn't resist."

He felt it was the right time for the show to pull the final curtain. "I'm sad to be saying goodbye to the actors and sad to be saying goodbye to the characters. But I think it's the right decision. I think we're going out on a high, we're not waiting for it to start falling away," he explained.

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