Photos: Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion Transformed Into a Church

After 16-year abandonment, Tyson's spacious mansion is set to be converted into a church by its latest owner who bought the mansion in December 2014.

AceShowbiz - %cMike Tyson%'s lavish mansion in Southington, Ohio, which he used to call "home" is now going to be turned into a church. Before the transformation starts, the current owner who bought the mansion in December 2014 invited photographer Johnny Joo to go around and see what is inside the glamorous estate.

After having tour around the mansion, Joo shared his opinion to Daily Mail, saying, "My journeys have taken me to some strange places but nothing quite like the abandoned home of a former professional boxer. It felt cold, rather empty and eerie-not so much a creepy eerie but a more interesting one. I knew Mike Tyson had once just hung out here and now I stood staring down everything that had been left behind."

He also detailed the condition of the mansion, "I loved the bathroom simply because of the view and the mirrored ceiling above the Jacuzzi tub. But the pool was probably my favorite just because of how incredibly large it was and thinking how vibrant it was at one point in time. The room was bigger than three of my houses, it was pretty incredible to look at while standing at one end. Everything was so full of life and now simply collects dust."

Asked about the transformation plan, Joo said, "It makes a perfect candidate for the church to move into and build their sanctuary. Structurally the home is wonderful and I can't wait to see the restoration completed over time." The photographer also said that the owner would like for Tyson to attend the first gathering inside the churches sanctuary.

The heavyweight champion boxer Tyson lived in the mansion during the late 1980s and 1990s until he went bankrupt following a conviction for rape and serious financial problems. Now, the 48-year-old only used the property as a base while training for fights at Don King's facility 20 miles away in nearby Orwell.

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