'The Following' Meets 'Dexter' in a Star-Studded Spoof

Kevin Bacon plays himself and believes James Purefoy's Joe Carroll is real and sends his followers, including Michael C. Hall, to kill Dean Winters.

AceShowbiz - %cKevin Bacon% pokes fun at himself in a funny "The Following" / "Dexter" mashup. The actor plays himself who has a chat over breakfast with %cDean Winters% about his TV series "The Following", on which he plays an FBI agent hunting a serial killer, Joe Carroll (%cJames Purefoy%), and his followers.

When Kevin leaves for a while, Dean picks up his phone. It turns out Joe is calling from the prison and decides Dean is close enough with Kevin so he sends his follower to kill Dean.

Later when he is alone, Dean is surprised by %cMichael C. Hall% who sneaks into his place and is acting suspicious. Suddenly Kevin appears and shoots the "Dexter" alum from behind, believing that Michael was sent by Joe to kill Dean.

%cSam Underwood% makes a cameo as someone whom Kevin believes is Joe's follower before he takes Sam down. Just when Kevin is going to take Dean to a safe place, Kevin's real-life wife %cKyra Sedgwick% appears to convince him that everything's not real. In a surprising twist, Kyra is revealed to be another of Joe's followers sent to kill Kevin.

The Funny AND Die video was shot last weekend. Kevin teamed up with "The Following" executive producers Marcos Siega and Alexi Hawley for the 8-minute clip. The funny video was released to mark the special two-hour episode of the FOX drama thriller airing on Monday, March 23.

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