Nick Gordon Says He'll 'Meet the Conditions' Set by Bobby Brown to Meet Bobbi Kristina

In response to Bobby's previous statement that Nick turned down the opportunity to meet Bobbi, Nick tweets, 'If Bobby can guarantee me that I can see her 24/7 I'll meet the conditions.'

AceShowbiz - %cNick Gordon% has declared that he will "meet the conditions" set by %cBobby Brown% to meet %cBobbi Kristina Brown% in the hospital. On Saturday evening, Bobby's lawyer said Nick turned down the opportunity to visit Bobbi.

In response to Bobby's statement, Nick tweeted on Sunday, "I can't wait till she wakes up and dismiss all of the negative thoughts. There is a reason why her mom made me promise to look after her. If Bobby can guarantee me that I can see her 24/7 I'll meet the conditions. Done tweeting. You all are entitled to your opinion. So talk."

Nick's lawyer also issued a response to Bobby's statement, saying, "Bobby Brown has consistently prohibited Nick, who Bobbi Kristina would want by her side, from being there. Per his own words, Mr. Brown has only 'offered an opportunity to potentially meet with Bobbi Kristina' if Nick were to meet certain conditions, conditions that we, his attorneys, have advised him not to meet, particularly in light of Mr. Brown's inability to guarantee access."

"But in an effort to do all he can to visit, Nick has repeatedly offered to meet with Mr. Brown privately to discuss his request in person, rather than through lawyers," Nick's lawyer added, "Those offers have also been rejected. We hope Mr. Brown has a change of heart."

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