'Parenthood' Deleted Scenes From Finale Arrive Online

John Corbett return, Sarah getting roasted by her family, and Hank receiving fashion advice from his daughter are some of the footage from the vault.

AceShowbiz - Some deleted scenes from "Parenthood" finale are released by NBC shortly after the last episode aired. It shows heartwarming scenes as Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Hank (Ray Romano) spending time with their families before the wedding.

John Corbett's Seth also comes to visit. He meets his ex Sarah and daughter Mae Whitman's Amber. "I want to be in his life. I want to be a better grandpa to him than I was to you and Drew if you give me that chance," he says.

Sarah gets roasted by her family at a dinner table. They make fun of her ex-boyfriends, calling them Dr. Feelgood, Forklift Mike, and other hilarious names. Hank, meanwhile, gets fashion tips from his daughter Ruby (Courtney Grosbeck).

Corbett told The Hollywood Reporter he was "super bummed" that his scene was cut off. Showrunner Jason Katims, meanwhile, explained to TVLine, "It was a really nice moment, and it was painful to cut it. But unfortunately, we were in a situation where we didn't have a choice."

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