David Letterman Reportedly Invites Ex-Rival Jay Leno to Appear on 'Late Show'

The offer was said to be extended to Leno last year, but the former 'Tonight Show' host claims to have not heard that.

AceShowbiz - %cDavid Letterman% may reunite with %cJay Leno% onscreen before he ends his tenure on "Late Show". The CBS host has reportedly invited his ex-rival to appear as a guest on his show before he retires from the program in May.

According to TV Insider, the offer was extended a year ago when Leno was wrapping up his "Tonight Show" run. However, when asked last week at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference about the possibility of him appearing on "Late Show", he said, "I haven't heard that. I'll have to check into that."

Letterman and Leno's feud started back in 1992 when NBC picked Leno over Letterman, who was %cJohnny Carson%'s presumptive heir, to replace Carson on "Tonight Show". Letterman then left the Peacock and joined CBS where he has been hosting "Late Show" since 1993.

Leno, meanwhile, handed over the "Tonight Show" reign to %cJimmy Fallon% in 2014.

In other news, David Letterman blasted %cJames Corden% when appearing on "Late Late Show". He criticized the British funnyman for not starting his run on the CBS show soon. "Did they give you this show? I thought it was that chubby guy that got the show, from Great Britain, from England," he asked guest host %cRegis Philbin%.

"Why isn't he ready?" he asked again. "Well, let me ask you a question - when they said to you, 'Regis, come to New York and do a show?', did you say, 'Meh, I need four to five months to put my things in order'? No. You were here. You were here Monday, right? They call you Friday, you're here Monday. Where's the tubby kid? Who's taking over the show."

Questioning Corden's commitment, Letterman asked, "Well, let me ask you this: how bad does he want to do a show?" Philbin replied, "He wants it, he loves it," but Letterman responded, "Really? Well, where is he? Why are we talking to you?"

"There aren't that many shows. How bad does he want it? Where is he?" he said again. "I'm just saying, if I've invested my money in a guy to do a show and he says, 'I'm going to need a couple of months', I think that's a flag. ...Let me tell you this, and God forbid, I don't wish ill on anyone but I think something's gone wrong or he'd be here."

Still, Corden left a good impression on Letterman when the "Into the Woods" actor visited "Late Show". "He seemed like a very nice fella," the veteran host said.

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