Jose Canseco Undergoes Surgery After Accidentally Shooting His Hand

The former baseball player's fiancee Leila Knight took to his Twitter on Tuesday night to tell fans that he was still in surgery and would be OK.

AceShowbiz - %cJose Canseco% underwent a surgery after he accidentally shot his hand on Tuesday afternoon, October 28. Canseco was cleaning his gun at his kitchen in Las Vegas when the gun suddenly fired, injuring his left hand. The former baseball slugger then was taken to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

"He had been at the shooting range a few days earlier. He didn't know it was loaded," Canseco's fiancee Leila Knight explained to NY Daily News. "The middle finger was hanging by a thread, and I wrapped his hand in a towel and then called 911. The doctors said they would either have to amputate or do reconstructive surgery. But if they do surgery, he won't be able to use it again. He blew away an artery and a big bone chunk."

Canseco has four guns at home "for protection, self-defense." "At first the police asked me if we were in a fight. I said of course we weren't. We have four guns in the house. We are now going to have zero. I hate guns," she added.

On Tuesday night, Knight took to his Twitter to share an update on his condition. "This is Leila. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers. Jose is in still surgery and will be ok. Please pray for his finger!!" she wrote. The model/actress added a few hours later, "Finally safe and sound with my love bug @JoseCanseco. So glad he's ok and soooo glad I was there when it happened thank god."

The athlete played in the major leagues for 17 years. He last performed as a part of Chicago White Sox in 2001.

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