'The Walking Dead' 5.03 Sneak Peeks: Maggie and Rick Confront Father Gabriel

Maggie believes they're being watched and Father Gabriel had something to do with the disappearance of three members of the group.

AceShowbiz - Maggie and Rick don't trust Father Gabriel. In the next episode of "The Walking Dead", the two confront Father Gabriel as Maggie believes they're being watched and three members of the group went missing after they arrived at the church.

A clip shows Father Gabriel denying he has anything to do with this, but Maggie goes angry and threatens him with a knife. Rick also snaps at Father Gabriel as seen in a preview video for the same outing.

What Maggie and Rick don't know is that [SPOILER ALERT!] Gareth and the surviving Termites took Bob. A synopsis for the next episode reads, "Rick and the others find themselves pitted against a group of nasty people," and the "nasty people" here are likely the cannibals.

"Four Walls and a Roof" airs Sunday, October 26 at 9 P.M. ET on AMC.

"The Walking Dead" 5.03 Preview:

"The Walking Dead" 5.03 Clip:

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