Milla Jovovich Says Her Family Was Threatened by Stalker

The 'Resident Evil' star opens up about why she no longer chats with fans on Twitter, saying that she was advised by authorities not to talk to people she doesn't know in social forums.

AceShowbiz - %cMilla Jovovich%'s fans on Twitter apparently have been missing chatting with the actress, but the "Resident Evil" star has decided not to speak to strangers in social media. Jovovich opened up about the decision in a series of tweets she sent out on Tuesday, October 14, saying that her family was threatened by a stalker.

"A lot of my followers [have] been asking why i don't chat on here anymore. unfortunately, my family was threatened last year by a stalker," she wrote. "After contacting authorities, I was told to absolutely stop talking to people I don't know on social forums. Now that sucks for all the cool people I got to know on here, but my family comes first and I cannot take any chances when it comes to them."

She additionally expressed her disappointment at not being able to chat with her fans. "It makes me feel sad that I have to be distant with you all, as it is not my nature. I have not stopped posting altogether, as was suggested but personal contact with individuals is at an end. [It's] too bad that the rotten apple spoils the bunch, but its the reality," she explained.

The actress, who is expecting her second child with husband Paul W.S. Anderson, was seen enjoying some time at a salon in Beverly Hills last week. She wore an orange tank top, blue jeans and flip-flops during the outing.

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