New 'Gotham' Trailer Introduces Victor Zsasz and Arkham City

A new knife-wielding villain challenges Jim Gordon while Mayor Aubrey James plans to tear down Arkham Asylum for Arkham City.

AceShowbiz - The preview for the entire season of FOX's new series "Gotham" is released just a few weeks into the first installment, teasing what's in store for next episodes. Among the highlights is Fish Mooney's rivalry with mob boss Carmine Falcone. "I am going to kill that old man with my bare hands and my teeth," she says without his presence.

The video introduces a new villain, a knife-wielding baddie named Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan), who storms the Gotham Police Department looking for Jim Gordon. It seems that the relationship between Detective Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock will get complicated as the latter points his gun at his partner.

While Bruce Wayne is still searching for the person who killed his parents, Mayor Aubrey James plans to tear down Arkham Asylum and turn it into Arkham City.

"Gotham" airs Mondays at 8 P.M. on FOX. Next week, Detectives Gordon and Bullock track down a vigilante who is killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham and gets a new job close to an influential figure in the underworld.

This Season on "Gotham":

"Gotham" 1.03 Preview:

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