'Boardwalk Empire' 5.03 Preview: Nucky Interested in Gambling

'Boardwalk Empire' 5.03 Preview: Nucky Interested in Gambling

Dr. Narcisse, meanwhile, seems to be not interested in a business proposition offered by Manzarano.
Nucky isn't giving up yet. Now that liquor is deemed illegal, the corrupt politician will seemingly try his hand at another business. In a preview for the next episode of "Boardwalk Empire", Nucky is having a discussion with someone who can rig a game to take advantage in gamble.

Meanwhile, Lucky continues to try taking over power in crime world by telling Dr. Narcisse that Manzarano wants to do business with him and offers him protection. Dr. Narcisse appears to be not interested in the business proposition, reminding the two young men that they are in Harlem.

Elsewhere, Chalky White holds two women hostage.

"What Jesus Said", the third episode of "Boardwalk Empire" final season, will air Sunday, September 21 at 9 P.M. on HBO. According to the official synopsis, Chalky heads in a new direction after assessing his latest partnership.

In New York, Margaret finds herself in a quandary as a result of her association with Arnold Rothstein. Nucky hosts a prospective "big fish" partner from Boston. Luciano and Siegel meet with Narcisse in Harlem, promising business as usual, but encounter resistance. In 1884, young Nucky is privy to the passion of a hotel guest, and flirts with a young girl.

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