Nick Viall 'Very Sorry' for Outing Sex With Andi Dorfman on 'The Bachelorette'

Nick Viall 'Very Sorry' for Outing Sex With Andi Dorfman on 'The Bachelorette'

'The Bachelor' season 18 winner Nikki Ferrell, meanwhile, blasts the show's producers for letting Nick say such private thing on TV.
Nick Viall shocked Andi Dorfman and audience during "The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" special when he revealed that he and Andi "made love" during the Fantasy Suite date. He now admits that such thing should've been kept private and he regrets publicly saying it on TV.

"I definitely wish I had that opportunity to have that conversation with her in private," he says, "I did not go into last night expecting to ask her that. I was just so caught off guard by her demeanor."

Nick adds, "It wasn't so much about the sex but the level of intimacy that night and, given the situation at the time, I made it very clear where I was in my feelings for her and what something like that meant to me."

"I was just so caught off guard that it sort of just came out," the runner-up of "The Bachelorette" season 10 explains. "If I had any regrets, I didn't want to humiliate her or make her feel that way. I feel very sorry if she did feel that way."

Nick says after his last conversation with Andi, he can now move on with his life. "I think last night was a lot of closure for me, just seeing her demeanor with me, I don't know where it came from. It doesn't eliminate any heartbreak, but it was good for me," he says, adding, "I would say I have accepted her decision, and am willing to move forward."

The software sales executive says, "She will always have a place in my heart and she is special person and what I had was special to me," but now he's "excited for things to come."

Nikki Ferrell, the winner of "The Bachelor" season 18 in which Andi was also competing for Juan Pablo Galavis' heart, has blasted "Bachelorette" producers for letting Nick make the sex revelation on the Monday, July 28 special. "Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that....," she tweeted. "How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #trash."

Nikki, however, didn't forget to congratulate Andi and Josh Murray on their engagement, writing on her Twitter, "But on a positive note so beyond happy for @AndiDorfman and @jmurbulldog. I bet it feels so good to be free! #congrats."

Meanwhile, another of the franchise's vets, Sean Lowe, has a message for the newly-engaged couple. "Falling in love while globetrotting the world was the easy part. Learning how to love someone you've spent a collective 20 hours with is the really hard part," he shares, adding that "the post-show/pre-marriage time frame will be one of the most challenging."

The former "Bachelor" star who is now married to Catherine Giudici continues, "But mainly, I'd tell them not to elevate the other to the level of 'soul mate.' It sets everyone up for unrealistic expectations and emphasizes the romance over the hard work of building a relationship." He backs up his statement by citing a recent study about people who view their spouse as a "soul mate" being less happy than those who see a "partner on a journey."

Still, Sean wishes the best for the couple. "[I] hope this time without the lights and cameras will bring them ever closer to the time when the minister pronounces them - not 'soul mates' - but 'husband' and 'wife,' " he says.

Andi and Josh recently appeared on "Good Morning America" where they talked about their love life after the reality show. Saying that they're eying a spring wedding, she gushed, "I think for now, it's like, I finally got the engagement ring, I'm just going to enjoy this for a little while... Just enjoy engagement life!"

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