Cartoon Network's 'Clarence' Creator Is Let Go Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Cartoon Network's 'Clarence' Creator Is Let Go Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Skyler Page exits the animated TV series as a female artist, Emily Partridge, comes forward with a claim about Page's inappropriate behavior toward her.
Skyler Page, the creator of Cartoon Network's "Clarence", has left the show amid sexual harassment allegations. The network confirms in a statement, "Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios."

A female staffer, Emily Partridge who works as storyboard artist on "Adventure Time", went public with allegations she had been treated inappropriately by Page. Partridge initially tweeted a series of messages about being "too nervous" to share her bad experience of "being harassed or assaulted" without naming Page.

She later came forward on Wednesday, July 3, writing on her Twitter, "okay dudes, this Skyler Page Fiasco everybody is talking about happened to me, you can stop hounding my friends for 'proof'."

"I've been encouraged by multiple people I trust that I am safe and supported in coming forward about this, so here I am," she added. "if I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have let him catch me alone or be near me. I don't want the same thing to happen to anybody else...the fact that twitter needs ME to speak is distressing, but I feel responsible to other women in the industry. don't trust this guy."

She continued, "to people who are saying this should have been discreetly dealt with by HR or something: a) HR is already dealing with it. b) discretion does not keep other people safe."

On Thursday, Patrick Harpin, a former writer for "Clarence", came with a statement which supported Partridge's claim. "Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN," he wrote on his Tumblr. "Skyler's a piece of s**t, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-ass chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler's a**hole behavior (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason I quit the show more than a year ago."

Harpin went on saying that "despite what it says in the credits, Skyler never wrote a single episode of Clarence." He also asked fans not to "punish the talented crew that actually raised Clarence."

Ryan Pequin, a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network's "Regular Show", came forward with a similar story. "Skyler Page acted frighteningly inappropriately towards someone close to me recently and I feel it's important for people to know this," he tweeted, "and though it seems he struggles with mental illness, that's no excuse for repeated, aggressive, bad behavior, especially towards women."

Page, who previously worked on storyboarding and writing for Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time" and "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome", developed "Clarence" in 2012. He also voices the titular character on the show, which debuted earlier this year. Page was called "wunderkind" by Variety in its review for the series before the premiere.

A spokesperson for Cartoon Network has assured fans that the show will continue.

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