'Star Wars Episode 7' Looking for 'Military Man a la Matt Damon in 'Elysium' '

Matt Damon

The alleged new character is compared to the tough guy role played by the 'Promised Land' actor in Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi.
Another main role in "Star Wars Episode 7" may have been revealed. The Hollywood Reporter gets a scoop from an insider that the filmmakers, following the script rewrite by J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, are now in search for the right actor to play a new role of "a 40-something military man a la Matt Damon in 'Elysium'."

Previously, "X-Men: First Class" actor Jason Flemyng, 47, was rumored auditioning for the movie after he posted on Instagram a script, which he claimed to be a screenplay from the movie. Another English star Matt Smith ("Doctor Who") also has reportedly gone in for a meeting regarding an unspecified role in the film.

Meanwhile, open auditions to look for two young stars to play a tough-cookie teenage girl and a charismatic, funny guy from 19 to 23 are still underway. Pre-production has begun, with filming scheduled to begin spring 2014 at Pinewood Studios outside London. The movie is slated to hit theaters across the U.S. on December 18, 2015.

The movie was originally planned for summer release, and there were whispers that Kathleen Kennedy of LucasFilm wanted it to be postponed to 2016. But Abrams was satisfied enough with the December date. "I will say that it's infinitely a better situation now than when [Disney] were saying they wanted it in summer," the director opened up to MTV News in a recent interview.

"Before I even came onto the project, [Disney] was talking about 2015, and they made this announcement very early on. Which I understand why they would want that, but it didn't necessarily have anything to do with the reality of where was creatively. So I think that it's a hugely important thing that that come first. And a release date, great, but you have to release something great. So, to me the new release date is a huge improvement."

The helmer also expressed his initial reluctance to film it in London. He said it was "something that I've always intended to do. But I'm torn because I have done everything I can to keep the production of my projects in Los Angeles. Yet the opportunity to work with U.K. crews is something that has always been a dream of mine."

He went on, "Of course, that dream existed prior to me being married and having a family, so the reality of making a movie like that for any period of time becomes much more difficult when there are other people that you desperately love and care for involved."

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