Video: Justin Bieber Stops Buenos Aires Gig Due to Food Poisoning

Justin Bieber

In the middle of his show at the city's River Plate stadium, the 'Baby' singer tells his fans that he's 'not feeling too good' before apologizing, blowing a kiss and then leaving the stage.
Justin Bieber has cut short another show in the South American leg of his tour. This time, the 19-year-old pop star is blaming food poisoning for his ruined performance at River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires over the weekend.

"I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm out of energy," the Canadian singer told the crowd, saying he was sorry and blowing a kiss before walking off the stage. His action drew boos from the angry fans, who paid $320 each to see their idol.

Before the performance, Bieber took to Twitter to inform fans that he wasn't in his best shape due to the food poisoning. The ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, who won Best Male at Sunday's MTV Europe Music Awards, tweeted, "Sitting here with food poisoning and heard we won Best Male at the Emas. Thanks everyone."

He added, "Argentina been a rough day but the show must go on. I'm coming... This sucks.... Not feeling so good. Actually pretty sick. Pulling it together. Argentina we got a show to do. Love u."

According to Bieber's team, the star managed to perform a few songs at his show against doctor's advice. Bieber's friend, video producer Alfredo Flores, even praised the "Baby" hitmaker's decision to keep the show going on despite his condition.

"Going against doctors' orders he still went on stage tonight. The last thing Justin ever wants to do is let his fans down," Flores said on Twitter. "He gave it his all but health always comes first. Proud of him for even getting out there and giving it a go. Today was a rough one."

Earlier this month, Bieber disappointed fans at his concert in Brazil when storming off the stage after an overexcited fan hit him with a water bottle. "The fans didn't know what was going on and stayed in their seats for half an hour, hoping that he would come back and finish the show," a source told Brazilian press.

In another Bieber news, the singer is continuing his Music Mondays series by dropping a new single called "All Bad". The track features Bieber smoothly singing over the thudding drums and soothing R&B arrangement. "They try to get at me/ Behind your back/ Tryin' to tell me that I'm just like the others/ But I ain't all bad," he croons, defending himself from haters' comments.

Justin Bieber Stops Buenos Aires Gig:

Justin Bieber Debuts "All Bad":

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