Judge Says Charlie Sheen Will Go to Jail If He Violates Gag Order

Charlie Sheen

Sheen, who previously ranted about custody battle of his sons in a candid interview, is warned that he will go to jail if he talks about the issue again.
Charlie Sheen, who is in custody war against his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, has been warned not to talk about the case in public or he will go to jail. Previously, Sheen ranted about custody battle of his sons in a candid interview with TMZ, saying that the judge handling the case was a "douchebag" if he sent him to jail for "telling the truth."

Sources told TMZ that the judge was upset and told him, "Don't forget, I'm Italian!" at one point. In the court session, the judge issued a temporary restraining order against the "Anger Management" star, ordering him to stay at least 200 yards from Mueller. He was also not allowed to contact Mueller, to which he reportedly replied, "Thank you."

Mueller, who was also present, reportedly wanted Sheen's visitation right to be suspended, but the judge denied her request. The judge allegedly also denied her request to remove Denise Richards as temporary guardian of 4-year-old Bob and Max.

In related news, Richards apparently showed an e-mail written by Dr. Jay Gordon, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA Medical School, to officials at the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services. The e-mail suggested that Sheen's boys needed an evaluation following their violent behavior.

"As we have discussed, because of recent events involving the boys' behavior I think that they need urgent evaluation. I am very concerned about their escalating violent actions; The apparent lack of understanding of the consequences and the safety of others is most worrisome. I would like them seen by Dr. Alessia Gottlieb for a complete developmental and behavioral assessment," read the letter dated August 23.

Richards previously was reported telling the DCFS that she wanted to give up the custody of the boys because they misbehaved, hurting animals and her three daughters. The boys reportedly acted violently after getting back from Mueller's place.

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