'SNL' Comedian Jay Pharoah Spoofs Kanye West's 'I Am a God'

'SNL' Comedian Jay Pharoah Spoofs Kanye West's 'I Am a God'

The stand-up comedian gives West's track off album 'Yeezus' a hilarious spin with his 'I Am a Dog' parody.
"Saturday Night Live" cast member Jay Pharoah has become known for his Barack Obama and Denzel Washington impressions on the late-night sketch comedy show. But after today, the funnyman will also be regarded as the guy who bravely spoofs Kanye West, via a parody of his controversial track "I Am a God" off album "Yeezus".

Taking its cues from the music video of another West track "Black Skinhead", Pharoah, wearing floppy dog ears, puts out a hilarious "I Am a Dog". From sticking out of a car's passenger side window to chasing a mailman and chewing up your feather pillow, the comedian acts like your typical canine as he drops the lyrics "hurry up let me out the garage," "give me shots for my rabies" and "I'm the shitzu."

What makes the spoof funnier is the all-too-serious serious demeanor that he put son while doing his riotous impression, mimicking West's intense mood in "Black Skinhead" while making dog references all throughout the two-and-a-half-minute clip. It's most evident when he raps, "You want to neglect me/ You want to neglect me/ Well I'm gonna chew your shoes 'til they're nonexistent," towards the end of the video.

Aside from Pharoah's parody, West's "I Am a Dog" also drew reactions from the Association of French Bakers for the lyrics, "In a French-a** restaurant/ Hurry up with my damn croissants." In a letter, the group scolded West by writing, "We implore the patience of all those who order croissants. You may be familiar with the famous French expression, 'A great croissant is worth waiting a lifetime for.' We know you are a busy man, M. West, but we believe that your patience for croissants will always be rewarded."

Jay Pharoah's "I Am a Dog" (Kanye West's "I Am a God" parody):

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