'The Bachelorette' Hometown Dates Recap: Shocking Elimination Makes Final Three

'The Bachelorette' Hometown Dates Recap: Shocking Elimination Makes Final Three

Desiree Hartsock dumps a guy whose family serenaded her during the hometown visit, and returns a 'promise' ring he gave her.
Desiree Hartsock picked the final three guys in the latest episode of "The Bachelorette" season 9. After relatively drama-free hometown dates, the bridal stylist made a shocking decision in the Rose Ceremony.

The July 15 outing first took viewers to Dallas, where Zak's family runs a sno-cone business. The couple hopped the family's sno-cone truck and headed to the local elementary school. There, Zak entertained the kids by putting on a penguin suit and dancing, making her think he'd make a great dad.

The meeting with Zak's family was equally fun. They seemed to like her and Zak's mom was glad that he had found his faith in finding love. Zak then enlisted his siblings to sing a song they dedicated to Desiree. She was touched and brought to tears. Zak also gave Desiree a promise ring to symbolize his love for her.

Next was a date to Drew's hometown of Scottsdale. The couple picked up his mentally disabled sister before heading to his family's home. Desiree was impressed with how much he cared for his sister.

Drew's dad was open to welcome Desiree to the family and said that he's ready to throw an engagement party. Desiree admitted to the camera, "I want to join Drew's family right now." Before she left, Drew told her he loved her.

Desiree later met Chris in McMinnville, Oregon. After being reunited, they had a walk in the woods and he gave her a bouquet of wildflowers. He took her to a ballpark where he learned to play baseball as a child.

At Chris' parents' house, Desiree met his parents, siblings, and sister-in-law. Chris' chiropractor dad took her to his office where he offered to realign her back. She asked him if he thought Chris was ready for a serious relationship and marriage, to which he said yes. On the other hand, Chris' mom was a bit hesitant about his journey on "The Bachelorette", but finally gave her blessing.

The last stop was Salt Lake City, Utah, where Desiree met Brooks and his big family. The family members were supportive about their relationship, but Brooks didn't profess his love to Desiree.

Desiree had one last meeting before making up her mind about whom she would send home. She reunited with her brother Nate, who disappointed her with the way he behaved when Sean Lowe visited her family's home on "The Bachelor" last season. Desiree couldn't trust Nate to meet her suitors this time, but he promised that he wouldn't embarrass her on national TV again.

The four guys later arrived for the Rose Ceremony. After weighing the relationships, she didn't see a future with Zak and decided to send him home. She gave back the ring he gave her, telling him, "That was such a beautiful gesture."

Zak was clearly shocked, saying in the limo that he's "completely numb." He added, "I didn't at all expect this. I let myself completely fall. I don't want to go back to the life I had, because it's a lonely life," and threw the ring out of the car's window.

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