Police Rushing to Jackson Family Home After Alarming Report of Gunshot

Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Prince Michael II

The gunshot report turns out to be a false alarm as police found that nothing happened at the Calabasas house.
Police was racing to the Calabasas house where Michael Jackson's children currently live with their guardian. E! News reported the law enforcement force received a distressed call from someone who informed that there was a gunshot at the family residence.

It turned out someone pulled a prank on the cops as they found nothing amiss in the house. "We went up to the house to check on something, but it was nothing. That house has had a lot of activity lately, so we sent a unit there," an LAPD spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The family is currently dealing with Paris Jackson's suicide attempt. The teen was hospitalized earlier this week after she allegedly tried to kill herself by slitting her wrist and taking as many as 20 ibuprofen pills. She showed signs of trouble in her recent tweets, days leading to her suicide attempt.

Latest rumor suggested she had a huge fight with her brother Prince Jackson, 16. The siblings used to be close with each other, especially after their father died in 2009, but they allegedly grew apart after she reconnected with their mother Debbie Rowe who gave them up in a multi-million-dollar divorce settlement with MJ years ago.

A judge overseeing the guardianship of the children recently ordered an investigation into their health, education and welfare to determine if changes should be made.

Paris, along with Prince and their younger brother Blanket, was initially under the sole guardianship of their grandmother Katherine, but a judge ruled that the Jackson matriarch shared the duty with her grandson TJ, who lived with them back then, after she disappeared for several days last year following a rumored family rift.

Katherine is currently busy traveling back and forth to court as she's battling AEG Live in a Michael Jackson multimillion dollar wrongful death trial. Meanwhile, TJ has reportedly moved out of the house. Though living elsewhere, a source insisted he still visited his cousins two or three times a week.

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