Amanda Bynes Calls Miley Cyrus' Fiance Liam Hemsworth the Most Gorgeous Guy Alive

Amanda Bynes Calls Miley Cyrus' Fiance Liam Hemsworth the Most Gorgeous Guy Alive

The 'Easy A' star reveals her new celebrity crush after apologizing to her former boyfriend Kid Cudi over an 'ugly' comment on her Twitter.
It seems that Amanda Bynes is done fawning over Drake and is now moving on to another celebrity crush. Setting her eyes on Liam Hemsworth, she calls Miley Cyrus' fiance "the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth other than Tanz Watson."

Watson, a hunky actor/model, is one of the few people whom the "Easy A" actress is following on Twitter. He coincidentally is Cyrus' co-star in 2012's coming of age dramedy "LOL", which also stars Demi Moore and Ashley Greene.

Earlier in the day, Bynes extended an olive branch to her ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi. She tried to set things straight after she called him out last April, "I want to apologize to Scott Mescudi. My account was hacked, I didn't call him ugly. He's not ugly. He's gorgeous and we dated! I love him;)."

Cudi was called "ugly duckling" in an angry message was posted on Bynes' Twitter timeline. "His best photos aren't s**t compared to mine at my best," the message read. "My music is going to be sicker then whatever the f**k kind of music Scott tries to do."

Bynes has called a lot of people "ugly" on her many Twitter rumblings. In some cases, she claimed her account was hacked. She wrote, "F*** the ugly editors of Intouch! I'm not racist! My account was hacked!" hot on heels of her "ugly black man" comments and her calling Rihanna "so ugly tryin to be white" last month.

In some other cases, Bynes backpedaled on her "ugly" rants. She once called Jenny McCarthy "ugly" after McCarthy claimed police stormed the actress' house. After McCarthy apologized, she retracted her tweet, "Thanks! I'm sorry I offended you! You're beautiful! I was lying! I'll delete our tweets!"

In other cases like the time when her Jay-Z picture coupled with "ugly face" caption sparked controversy, she just deleted her message without explanation.

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