Amanda Bynes Tells Magazines to Contact Her Personally or Get Sued

Amanda Bynes Tells Magazines to Contact Her Personally or Get Sued

Amanda writes another Twitter post which is directed to news outlets, saying that they should contact her personally to get info, or else they will be sued.
Magazines become the latest target of Amanda Bynes' wrath. The former Nickelodeon star, who uses Twitter in daily basis, has written another message which is directed to the news outlets, threatening them to get sued if they keep spreading info based on unnamed sources. "All Magazines: Contact Me Personally! I'm sick of your insanity! You CAN NOT talk about someone you don't know," she wrote on Friday, May 31.

"You can't state something about me by hearing it through someone I don't know/met once and never spoke to again who now claims to still know me enough to check MY brain and search inside it and find a developed at 27 mental illness without getting a huge lawsuit at your office," she said, adding, "If you speak to a 'source' who claims to know me, they don't! STOP with your insanity! Tweet me! I'll dm you my info!"

Amanda has repeatedly said that she wants to take legal action against media for various reports which question her mental health or suggest that she needs help. In March, she called out Us Weekly and Perez Hilton for writing news about her walking on streets of Times Square with a shirt over her head.

In her recent Twitter lash, she went further by telling celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to kill himself after he posted an article of her playing trampoline. The former child actress denied that the person photographed in the trampoline arena was her and even accused the blogger of paying an imposter to pretend to be her.

The "She's the Man" actress probably felt that it was too much. She later tweeted, "@PerezHilton you're not ugly! I was lying because we haven't talked in person in a long time. Please stop being mean on twitter! Thx!" Amanda also asked him to follow her so that she could contact him in private, which he did a few minutes later.

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