'The Bachelorette' Season 9 Unveils Desiree Hartsock's 25 Suitors

'The Bachelor' fan favorite's quest to find her one true love begins on Monday, May 27 on ABC.
Reality TV dating game show "The Bachelorette" is gearing up for its ninth season which kicks off in a couple of weeks on May 27 as it airs over ABC. The network has just revealed the 25 guys who will be vying for the heart of Desiree Hartsock, the fan favorite on "The Bachelor", the TV program from which the show was spun off. She will get to decide who among the men will be this season's winner.

Going on the weekly journey to find the man of her dreams, Hartsock will be choosing among over two dozen bachelors who will all try to convince that he is husband material and will be the ideal mate for her. They're not only going after the same girl but some of them also have the same names. There are two Nicks, two Zachs and a few Mikes on the list.

Except for some who are in their early thirties, most of the contestants are in their twenties, already quite accomplished with many of them working in the corporate world in the areas of finance or marketing as executives. There are also three contestants in the field of law, with one of them a federal prosecutor from Miami Beach. An ER doctor from Berkeley also stands out on the list.

If there's one eye-catching name on the list, it's the Iraq War veteran from Missoula. Other unique professionals are the tailor/magician from Chicago and the book publisher from Newport Beach.

The 25 Contestants on "The Bachelorette" Season 9:
  • Ben, 28, entrepreneur from Dallas
  • Brad, 27, accountant from Denver
  • Brandon, 26, painting contractor from Costa Mesa, Calif.
  • Brian, 29, financial adviser from Baltimore
  • Brooks, 28, marketing consultant from Salt Lake City
  • Bryden, 26, Iraq War veteran from Missoula, Mo.
  • Chris, 27, mortgage broker from Seattle
  • Dan, 30, beverage sales director from Las Vegas
  • Diogo, 29, ski resort manager from Lake Tahoe, Calif.
  • Drew, 27, digital marketing analyst from Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • James, 27, advertising executive from Chicago
  • Jonathan, 26, a lawyer from Hickory, N.C.
  • Juan Pablo, 31, former pro soccer player from Miami
  • Kasey, 29, advertising executive from San Luis Obispo, Calif.
  • Larry, 34, ER doctor from Berkeley, Calif.
  • Micah, 32, law student from Denver
  • Michael G., 33, federal prosecutor from Miami Beach, Fla.
  • Mike R., 28, dental student from Dallas
  • Mikey T., 30, plumbing contractor from Winfield, Ill.
  • Nick M., 27, investment adviser from Charlotte, N.C.
  • Nick R, 26, tailor and magician from Chicago
  • Robert, 30, advertising entrepreneur from Los Angeles
  • Will, 28, banker from Chicago
  • Zach K., 28, book publisher from Newport Beach, Calif.
  • Zak W., 31, drilling fluid engineer from Mico, Texas

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