Video: Taylor Swift Dishes on Writing Song for a Guy With Tattoos and Gap on His Teeth

Video: Taylor Swift Dishes on Writing Song for a Guy With Tattoos and Gap on His Teeth

Days before releasing 'Red' album, the Pennsylvania-born country music star opens up about the ex-lovers who inspired her famous romantic songs 'Ours' and 'Love Story'.
Ahead of the release of her highly-anticipated album "Red", Taylor Swift took some time to weigh in on her trademark to use personal stories as inspirations for many of her songs. Insisting that not all her songs were about bitter split, the country music beauty dished on how she was inspired by certain guys when penning two of her hit songs "Ours" and "Love Story".

During a jamming session on "VH1 Storytellers", Taylor revealed that she wrote her 2010 song "Ours" for "a guy nobody thought I should be with." Without mentioning who the man was, the blond beauty went on, "I wrote this song specifically just to play it for him, just to show him, 'I don't care what anyone says. I don't care that you have tattoos. I don't care that you have a gap between your teeth. I love you for who you are'."

The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" hitmaker also opened up that she penned her famous single "Love Story" when she was mad at her parents "because they didn't want me to date this dude when I was 17." She added, "I threw a fit and ran to my room and wrote [the] song on my bedroom floor."

She went on sharing that sometimes songwriting can "happen in really weird, strange, quirky ways" and that she loved "to explore the start of them, where they were first brought into the world, where you first got that first little idea."

In a different recent interview with USA Today, the "Mean" singer admitted that she wrote "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" to drive her ex-boyfriend "crazy" when he heard it. "(It's) a definitive portrait of how I felt when I finally stopped caring what my ex thought of me," she said. "(He) made me feel like I wasn't as good or as relevant as these hipster bands he listened to..."

"So I made a song that I knew would absolutely drive him crazy when he heard it on the radio. Not only would it hopefully be played a lot, so that he'd have to hear it, but it's the opposite of the kind of music that he was trying to make me feel inferior to," she added. "Because that's fun."

Taylor's much-awaited "Red" album will hit record stores across the U.S. on Monday, October 22.

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