'Dallas' Star Dishes on Rebecca's Feelings to Chris After Her Real Identity's Revealed

'Dallas' Star Dishes on Rebecca's Feelings to Chris After Her Real Identity's Revealed

'I think she is in love with him... But now she's pissed,' Julie Gonzalo says of her character who's dumped by Christopher once he learns that she's not whom he thought to be.
TNT's "Dallas" has just wrapped its first season with some shocking twists. While some might have seen it coming, it was revealed in the Tuesday, August 7 episode that [SPOILER ALERT!] Julie Gonzalo's Rebecca is actually not Rebecca but she's Pamela Barnes, the daughter of the Ewings' longtime foe Cliff Barnes.

Learning this, her estranged husband Christopher not only killed any hope to save their relationship, but also declared his love to ex-fiancee Elena. Asked how her character feels after her true identity was unveiled, Julie says, "If I were to guess, she's pissed now - and you don't want to make a Barnes pissed. So there are a lot of things to play with next year."

Despite Rebecca's hidden agenda with her father, Julie claims her alter-ego's feelings for Chris are real. "I think so. Cliff even said, 'You're just like your aunt Pamela. When it comes to the Ewings, I never could trust her - and I can't trust you.' So I think she is in love with him, she really is," she tells TVLine, before adding, "But now she's pissed."

Asked what's next for her and her character in the second season, Julie shares, "I get to play a whole different character next year, a new layer of someone. I don't know where they're going to go with it, but I know it's going to go darker." She goes on teasing, "The Rebecca you met in the first few episodes, I doubt she'll be coming back."

Now that Elena reunites with Chris, J.R. turns to his father and plots a new plan to steal the couple's happiness. He told John Ross in the season finale, "Teach me every dirty trick to take the company away from Christopher and Elena," which was replied by J.R., "Now that's my son, from tip to tail," hinting that the father and son's conspiracy to tear Bobby's family down will play out in the second season.

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