'The Bachelorette' Recap: Jealousy and Advice of Bearing Great Responsibility

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Jealousy and Advice of Bearing Great Responsibility

While Ryan tries to make an impression on Emily with some cliche talks, Chris is mad at Doug for making him in jeopardy of not getting a rose.
Emily Maynard took her remaining 13 suitors to Bermuda on the fourth episode of "The Bachelorette" season 8. She envisioned she would someday return to the island with her future husband, but she must first continue her dates with the guys.

Doug was the lucky one who got a one-on-one date. They walked around the town and went shopping at local boutiques while talking about being parents. They wrote a postcard to Doug's son Austin before making some wishes.

The pair then had a dinner, during which Emily felt Doug is too perfect. She opened up that she thought Doug was holding back and hiding something from her, but gave him a rose anyway at the end of the date.

Next was a group date with Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jeffff, Sean, Arie, Travis and Kalon. The guys were split into two teams to compete in a sailing race. Those who lost could not continue the date. The Yellow team which consisted of Jefff, Arie, Ryan and Kalon won over the Red team. On their way home, Charlie said he's so embarrassed.

Meanwhile, each of the other four guys got one-on-one time later that night. Arie pulled Emily aside and quickly made a move by landing a steamy smooch on her. Jeff sang a lot of praises for the single mother, but didn't kiss her.

Ryan, meanwhile, expressed that he's jealous to see Emily kissing Arie at the previous Rose Ceremony. Emily apologized for it. Ryan also talked about the "great responsibility" she has on her shoulders as the bachelorette, before making Emily falttered by saying that God designed her to be a beautiful woman.

At the end of the group date, Emily gave a rose to Jeff. Arie was shocked that he didn't get the rose.

Nate and Wolf were picked for the two-on-one date. They jumped off a cliff before having a dinner in a cave. After talking to each of the guys, Emily gave a rose to John and sent Nate home.

At the cocktail party, Chris was mad at Doug who said that some guys were too young to be a father to Emily's daughter. Ryan once again gave a no-smart speech by telling Emily that although she's the center of attention on the show, it doesn't necessarily make her "worthy."

When it's time for the Rose Ceremony, Emily handed out the roses to Sean, Arie, Travis, Chris, Ryan, Kalon and Alejandro. As for Michael, who didn't get a date with Emily in this episode, and Charlie, they lost their chance to win Emily's heart.

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