'Men in Black 3' Director Explains Why Justin Bieber Is Perfect to Play Alien

Justin Bieber

Barry Sonnenfeld states, 'My theory behind Justin Bieber is that he's from Canada,' before he jokingly explains allegations that some Canadian people are apparently extraterrestrial beings.
Just like the first two movies, "Men in Black 3" will feature a host of celebrity cameos, including Justin Bieber who will appear as an alien. Weighing in on Bieber's appearance in the action comedy film, director Barry Sonnenfeld explained why the pop sensation is perfect to play an extraterrestrial being.

Speaking to Vulture, Sonnenfeld said, "This will get me into trouble, but my theory behind Justin Bieber is that he's from Canada." The filmmaker then explained a larger theory about aliens in Canada which sent spies to the United States. However, when those aliens tried to transmit the data back to their home planets, "3 percent of it got scrambled in the transmission" so they got the wrong coordinates and ended up living in Canada instead.

"Canadians are 97 point something percent like Americans, except that they're way too nice and if you go into their homes, you'll go, 'Interesting! Fireplace in the bathroom'," Sonnenfeld joked. Therefore, the director said some Canadians are quite possibly aliens.

Sonnenfeld went on joking that Bieber was apparently not the only suspected alien in "MIB 3". He explained, "There was a Chinese seven-foot basketball player, Yao Ming, who is retired now. But how many Chinese people are over seven feet tall?" He added that David Beckham is also an alien "because he's too good of a soccer player," while Shaun White is an alien because "he's just good to be human. He's using anti-gravity techniques."

Explaining Tim Burton's role in the movie, the moviemaker said, "He knows enough aliens that they keep surveillance on him." He jokingly added, "He may be procreating with an alien [meaning Helena Bonham Carter]. I'm not saying she is an alien, but the Men in Black aren't sure [about her]."

Sonnenfeld also commented on none other than eccentric songstress Lady GaGa, stating "I like that Lady Gaga's alien name is also Lady GaGa." He added, "And the funny thing about Barbra Streisand is the alien name I came up with for her was Babs of Newtonia, and she said, 'That won't work. It'll sound like I'm supporting Newt Gingrich.' So we had to take the word 'Newt' out of her alien name, and I respected that totally."

"Men in Black 3" follows Will Smith's Agent J who has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the MIB, but nothing perplexes him as much as his partner Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K. As K's life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, J will have to travel back in time and team up with Josh Brolin's young K to put things right.

The sci-fi movie has opened in theaters across the United States on Friday, May 25.

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