'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Double Elimination and One Cliffhanger

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Double Elimination and One Cliffhanger

Teresa Giudice is fired after failing to deliver a victory for her team, while Lisa Lampanelli gets the axe after an interview with last season's final two, John Rich and Marlee Matlin.
"The Celebrity Apprentice" has narrowed down the number of its contestants to three in a Sunday, May 6 episode. Five remaining celebrities, divided into two teams, were tasked to create a four-page print ad campaign for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer, which might run in Elle.

Teresa Giudice stepped up for Team Unanimous, while Lisa Lampanelli volunteered to be project manager for Team Forte. Lisa and Clay Aiken agreed to use "more than just a new pretty face" as their slogan. Lisa went shopping for the models' outfits, while Clay took responsibility for the photo shoot. When Lisa got back, the "American Idol" alum continued directing the photo shoot, but his project manager just sat and ate.

Over at Team Unanimous, they opted to go with slogan: "be at peace with the future of your hair". Teresa didn't get the model she wanted during a negotiation with Lisa. Learning this, Aubrey O'Day pitched herself to be a model for their ad. Lisa agreed and the red-haired singer posed for the photo shoot.

At the presentation, Teresa stumbled over her lines though she read from cue cards. Aubrey and Arsenio Hall then took over and they did it smoothly. The executives loved their presentation and their pictures, but their ad lacked information. On the other hand, Clay and Lisa did a good job at the presentation. The execs said their pictures were dated, but they gave a lot of information.

At the Boardroom, Donald Trump announced Team Forte won the task. Lisa got $100,000 for her charity. Meanwhile, Arsenio and Aubrey started blaming Teresa for their lost. The reality star disagreed, and said Arsenio was the one who should be fired. Mr. Trump then decided to fire Teresa for not being able to control her team.

Later, the remaining four finalists met with last season's final two, John Rich and Marlee Matlin, before Mr. Trump fired two more contestants to determine this season's final two. John said he couldn't trust Aubrey. Marlee thought Lisa may be too emotional to be a leader, and worried about Arsenio's anger. As for Clay, Marlee and John found it hard to determine whether Clay is a leader or a follower.

After getting some feedback, Mr. Trump decided to fire Lisa. The businessman was ready to send another celebrity home, but the line "to be continued" graced the screen to end the episode. The final two will only be revealed next week.

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