Tarsem Singh Explains Why He Makes 'Mirror Mirror' a Family Movie

The director, who usually creates R-rated films, says he's not interested in giving a dark touch to the retelling movie because once he does that, he would make it a 'really hard R.'

AceShowbiz - Director Tarsem Singh has explained why he made "Mirror Mirror" a fun-loving family movie instead of giving it his signature dark twist. The Indian filmmaker, who is famously known for directing various R-rated movies, said that if he decided to create a darker version of Snow White film, he would make it a "really hard R" film.

"Everybody that knew me said, 'Don't even give him the script'," Singh told Collider about how he's first involved in the Snow White film. "But, the moment it came to me, I said, 'Yes', without blinking. I just looked at it and said, 'If you're looking for a gritty, redefining, dark tale, I have no interest in it. By the time I'd be done with that, it would be a really hard R. I'd like to make a family movie out of this."

Singh continued, "And then, after they asked, 'Are you sure?' a couple of times, everything flowed perfectly right. I've done three movies that have all been kind of R, and I felt like doing a kiddie movie. I wanted to do a non-visual film first, but the thing came together so quickly. So I said, 'Let's do another visual film, but let's do a kiddie one'."

Asked if he found it daunting to adapt one of the most beloved fairytales of all time with Julia Roberts as one of the stars, Singh responded, "I think I'm quite naive, in that particular way." He added, "Everybody keeps asking me, 'Wasn't it intimidating, going to Julia and talking to her?' And I just said, 'Really?' I live in a little bubble."

"I had never seen the original 'Snow White' until about a month and a half ago," he admitted. "So, it is an iconic thing, but it was not really a big thing. With Julia, when I met her, I just thought, 'Oh my god, she's just a mom.' That was it. Everybody was like, 'Og my god, this is a big thing you have to take on!" I guess the only reason it doesn't intimidate me is because I'm just naive about that kind of stuff."

During the chat, the "Immortals" helmer admitted that he had changed some parts of the original script while directing the film. "Basically, when we came on, I said, 'There is a tone in it that is very interesting.' Once the producers got the tone, they were really wonderful. I've always taken on scripts that aren't really on paper, apart from 'The Fall', which was just a personal thing where I could do whatever I wanted," he said.

"As you make changes, it's a really uphill fight, but with this particular one, that wasn't the case. There were quite a lot of changes done to it, as we took it on, but once we started and said, 'It's a children's film and the Queen is likable', we just went from there to say, 'It will have the most beautiful Prince and the most pure Snow White that you can think of'," so the filmmaker explained.

"Mirror Mirror" is a comedic version of the beloved Brother Grimm folklore. As the Evil Queen steals control of a kingdom, the exiled Snow White enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy and romance. Lily Collins portrays the faired skin princess, while Armie Hammer stars as her Prince Charming.

Relativity Media will release the family movie nationwide on March 30, the same day when Warner Bros. Pictures' epic film "Wrath of the Titans" opens.

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