Ben Admits to Having 'a Rough Ride' With Courtney in 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'

Ben Admits to Having 'a Rough Ride' With Courtney in 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'

Ben Flajnik, however, denies he ever kissed another woman after being engaged to Courtney Robertson, while the model claims she and the winemaker are now together.
Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson stepped out for the first time as a couple in "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" that aired after the episode which saw the winemaker proposing to the 28-year-old model. During the special, he admitted that they broke up for a while, but are now back together.

"I'm still in love with this woman," Ben declared but admitted, "It's been a rough ride." He additionally said that seeing Courtney's behavior on the show led to their split. "It became too much; I just cracked."

He, however, denied that he ever cheated on Courtney as it was suggested in recently surfacing photos. "On my father's grave, I haven't kissed another woman, hooked up with another woman, cheated on Courtney," he stated.

Courtney then took over Ben's seat, responding to the backlash she received for her behaviors on the show. "It's all really disappointing. Heartbreaking, really. This is supposed to be a story about love, finding love, and it spoiled," she said, adding that she's responsible for the negative reaction she got.

She also talked about her breakup with Ben, revealing it happened around Valentine's Day. "He didn't send flowers, a card, nothing. He didn't even send carnations!... I was heartbroken. I was so disappointed," she shared her sad story. Asked about their status right now, she said, "We're together. I think. I don't know. I'm not ready to turn my back on him."

Ben was later back on the stage, sitting next to Courtney. He echoed Courtney's statement as saying, "We're in a good place... It can only get better." However, Courtney said she can't trust him completely. "I believe in what we have and I'm choosing to believe everything he's telling me," she admitted.

Trying to convince her, Ben said, "I can honestly say I want to be with you. I love you. I'm not going to abandon you. As an engaged couple and as the man, I should have stayed with you the entire way, as opposed to taking steps back. That's not how I operate in real life. And that's the thing, we're about to start real life."

After footage of their proposal was played, the couple admitted they still love each other. Host Chris Harrison then showed them the engagement ring, asking Ben what he would do with the sparkler. "I very much want her to have this again," he said, before putting it back on Courtney's finger.

Also appearing on "ATFR" were "The Bachelorette" couple Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum who gave updates on their relationship. Ashley said she has finished school and moved to New York. The pair additionally revealed they are starting to plan a wedding, which could happen within a year.

After wrapping up the 16th season of "The Bachelor", ABC is gearing up to debut "Bachelor Pad" season 3 this summer. The upcoming season will have a twist: a lucky fan can join former contestants from the reality series franchise to compete for the $250,000 prize.

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