'Walking Dead': Zombies to Swarm the Farm in Season Finale, the Latest Death Discussed

'Walking Dead': Zombies to Swarm the Farm in Season Finale, the Latest Death Discussed

Just as Rick is about to explain to Carl what has just happened to another member of the survivors, they see a group of walkers heading to Hershel's house.
The survivors are going to face a bigger trouble in "The Walking Dead" season 2 finale following the death of another member of the group in the latest episode. Just as Carl is asking an explanation from his father about what led to [SPOILER ALERT!] Shane's death, the father and the son learn that they are in danger since a swarm of zombies are heading to Hershel's house.

The farm is in jeopardy, the group is split up in the chaos, and some of the humans including Andrea are seen in danger while Hershel is ready to die in his farm. In this situation, Rick's leadership is once again questioned.

Titled "Beside the Dying Fire", the 13th and last episode of "Walking Dead" season 2 will air Sunday, March 18 at 9/8c on AMC.

Prior to the big zombies vs. humans battle in the upcoming outing, the show has just killed off another regular character, Shane, in the penultimate episode. Speaking of what's on his character's head when he led Rick into the woods before Rick stabbed him, Jon Bernthal shared, "I think there's a part of Shane himself that knows he is no longer fit to be among the people."

"He knows how much of a danger he is. He knows now he's killed yet another human being, and I think a part of this is him really spurring and challenging and getting Rick to step up and encompass what Shane has and take Shane out. I think there's a suicidal flavor."

He went on explaining, "There's a flavor there that's really saying, 'Come on, man, I'm challenging you to be the man that's fit to raise the woman I love and the child I love and my child on the way. Come on and step up, raise your gun.' And there's a part of him that so desperately wants Rick to be that man, and when Rick finally does it, there's an element of some sort of relief."

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if Rick did the right move, Bernthal replied, "I think so. And I think that no matter what, somebody was going to die that night. And Shane really did set out that night to kill Rick, and through the conversation, by the end of the scene, he just knew one of them needed to die. I do think he did the right thing."

Meanwhile, executive producer Robert Kirkman said it's possible that Shane and/or Dale, who was killed off in the previous episode, return in flashbacks. "There's nothing like that planned. But we love Jeffrey DeMunn and we love Jon Bernthal," he teased. "We miss those guys and we'll be dying to figure out a way to work them back into the show in some kind of flashback-y kind of nature... It's always cool to bring people back for fun stuff like that."

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