Report: Chris Brown Claims He's Innocent in iPhone Stealing Case

Chris Brown

The 'Kiss Kiss' singer reportedly tells his close friends that he 'has done nothing wrong' and hopes 'the evidence and the true facts of the case will result in no charge being made against him.'
While he's currently under investigation for allegedly stealing a woman's iPhone, Chris Brown insisted that he is innocent in the case. Radar Online reported that the R&B star has told his close friends and associates that he "has done nothing wrong" and hopes that he will not be prosecuted.

A insider said, "Chris is telling friends that he has done nothing wrong." The source who is close to the situation added, "Chris is hopeful that the evidence and the true facts of the case will result in no charge being made against him."

"Chris is letting his lawyer, Mark Geragos, deal with the Florida State's Attorney's Office," so the source explained. "Chris is saying that a decision about whether or not charges will be filed against him could be decided and formally announced as early as Friday."

"He will do whatever his attorney asks him to do," said the source. "He is no longer in the Miami, but if her needs to return for any reason, he certainly will. Chris has nothing to hide."

Furthermore, the source explained that the "Kiss Kiss" singer is taking the issue seriously because he doesn't want the L.A. District Attorney's Office to revoke his probation of battery against ex-girlfriend Rihanna. "Chris wouldn't need to be convicted in the Miami case to cause problems with his probation, just charged," said the source.

"The condition of his felony probation are very, very strict. Chris must obey all laws and not be arrested for any other crimes. This could be a huge nightmare for his probation if he is arrested and charged," the insider added. "Make no mistake, Chris is taking this very seriously. He knows that one arrest could unleash a wave of new legal problems for him because he is still on felony probation."

As reported on Thursday, February 23, the Grammy-winning singer was accused of stealing Christal Spann's cell phone after the woman claimed to have photographed him sitting in the back of a Bentley outside a Miami Beach nightclub. Breezy reportedly angrily snatched her phone and told her, "B***h, you ain't going to put that on no website."

The Florida State Attorney's Office is reportedly preparing an arrest warrant for the "I Can Transform Ya" singer on suspicion of "robbery by sudden snatching." A spokesperson for the office said in a statement, "My prosecutors are currently speaking with witnesses and reviewing all of the materials supplied by Miami Beach Police."

"Only after these reviews have been completed would any type of action be considered or taken," the spokesperson added. "This is the basic process that every criminal case in Miami-Dade County undergoes."

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