'American Idol' Recap: Imani Handy Slumps Onto the Floor During Group Performance

'American Idol' Recap: Imani Handy Slumps Onto the Floor During Group Performance

In this final part of the Hollywood Week, the judges send 70 contestants to Las Vegas, including Imani's teammate Johnny Keyser who keeps singing while she passes out.
"American Idol" has wrapped up the Hollywood week with 42 groups performing in the Wednesday, February 15 episode. After Amy Brumfield spread the bug during their preparation for group performances, she was able to take the stage, but she and her group members did not make it to the next round.

Also hit with sickness, Imani Handy fainted early on the day. She gathered strength to rejoin her team and perform, but slumped onto the floor right after she completed her solo line. Johnny Keyser kept singing though the crowd had gone into frantic mode, forcing Randy Jackson to tell him to stop. Johnny's attempt to keep the show going, however, was worth it as he made it through.

Another group, M.I.T., got a nod from the judges though there was a friction between Heejun and Richie Law aka the cowboy throughout the rehearsal. Once they were off the stage, Heejun apologized to Richie and his parents for trash-talking him previously.

After all groups performed, there were 98 contestants remaining. They later moved on with solo performances, during which Reed Grimm and Skylar Laine came out among the standouts. "There's another Casey there," said Randy of the former, referring to Casey Abrams from "Idol" last season. Skylar, meanwhile, reminded the judges including Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Reba McEntire.

The contestants were later divided into four rooms. Those in Room 3 were sent home, leaving only 70 aspiring singers who get a chance to go to Las Vegas.

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