Brand New Official Image of Daniel Craig as Scruffy James Bond in 'Skyfall'

Brand New Official Image of Daniel Craig as Scruffy James Bond in 'Skyfall'

In addition to the freshly released still, a '50 Years of James Bond' poster has just been unveiled to celebrate the anniversary of the biggest spy movie franchise.
A brand new official image from "Skyfall" has been released by Columbia Pictures. While the previously released photo offers a look at James Bond sitting alone by the pool side, this fresh picture sees the stubble-looking flamboyant agent holding his gun. The image shows a scene set in Shanghai, but it doesn't reveal much details.

While "Skyfall" has yet to be released in theaters, the 007 franchise is having its 50th anniversary this year. Celebrating the special event, Sony Pictures Entertainment unveiled a "50 Years of James Bond" poster. The one-sheet features a golden topless lady clutching a gun with all the James Bond movie titles being spread all over her body.

Despite having some rivals in spy movie genre, 007 has become the third most profited film franchise so far, trailing behind "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". Michael Wilson, "Skyfall" producer, told USA Today of the milestone, "There are plenty of imitators, but Bond really is the first one that was an anti-hero."

As for each of the actors who ever tackled the iconic MI6 agent role, Wilson has his own opinion. "Sean [Connery] was a tough guy, he set the tone," he said before adding that Roger Moore "played it more comic. Roger was lighthearted", while Timothy Dalton "brought it down to earth."

Wilson, who has been producing the franchise since 1979's Moonraker, added that Pierce Brosnan "brought a touch of charm and touchiness." As for the latest Bond depicter, Daniel Craig, he gushed that the British hunk "is a great actor who takes it back to the Sean days."

On the hi-tech gadgets signature which has always been featured in every Bond movie, the producer explained, "There's still a touch of sophistication people see in the films besides just action. Though that's always been an element."

Craig is set to reprise his role as the flamboyant MI6 agent. In "Skyfall", his loyalty to M is tested as M's past comes back to haunt her. When MI6 comes under attack, Bond must track down and destroy the threat no matter how personal the cost is.

The movie, which will open in the U.S. theaters on November 9, is also supported by a set of Oscar winners and nominees like Javier Bardem, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes. Meanwhile, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes serves behind the lens.

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