'The Bachelor' Recap: Ben Feels 'Crappy' After Skinny-Dipping With Courtney

Also in the latest episode, the winemaker once again sends home a girl during a date, and makes another surprising decision at the rose ceremony.
"The Bachelor" sent Ben Flajnik and the remaining 11 ladies to Vieques, Puerto Rico in this week's episode. As usual, the Monday, January 30 outing started with a one-on-one date and this time Nicki was the lucky girl.

Ben and Nicki took off with a helicopter and stopped by a shop to buy new clothes after they got wet in rain. The date continued in Old San Juan, where they watched a local wedding. "I'd love to have a big wedding, whenever that day comes," Ben said.

Later in the night, Nicki opened up about her first marriage, admitting that she "lost trust" in her husband. The divorced dental hygienist got a rose as a reward for "totally opening up" in front of Ben.

On a group date, Lindzi, Courtney, Jennifer, Kacie B., Emily, Rachel, Casey S., Jamie and Blakeley played baseball at the Roberto Clemente Stadium. They were split into two teams, but since there were nine of them, Lindzi was chosen by Ben to play for both teams. The winning team would get a prize of having an evening party with the bachelor on the beach.

The red team led by Courtney won the game, meaning she, Kacie B., Jamie, Casey S. and Lindzi would spend the night with Ben. During the party, the winemaker took Kacie B. for a walk and gave her a rose. "What I think I like most is your ability to get me to open up. You listen," he told her.

Courtney then stole Ben away, seducing him with an invite of skinny-dipping. "Ideally, it'd be you and me with a bottle of wine, skinny dipping, having fun," she teased him. "Maybe we can orchestrate something..."

Before Courtney went on with her plan, Elyse got the second one-on-one date. She and Ben were on board of a private yacht, talking and drinking Champagne before jumping overboard. Elyse was confident that Ben could be "the one" for her, but Ben apparently didn't feel the same way.

"I think my relationships with these other women are so far past than what we could get to," Ben told Elyse. "I can't give you this rose." She walked away in tears, claiming, "I just don't know, like, what I did wrong."

Courtney then decided to surprise Ben by visiting him in a robe. "I'm going to make good on my promise. I don't know if he's ever skinny-dipped with a model before," she told the camera, bringing a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Ben took the offer, heading to the beach and stripping down to their birth suit. They ran into the ocean and started kissing naked. "I feel like I'm winning," Courtney said to the camera. "I know they're all going to hate me when they find out, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

Before the final cocktail party, Ben told the camera he felt "kind of crappy about what happened" with Courtney. He then had private time with some of the girls, including Emily who risked her place by trash talking Courtney last week.

Emily told Ben she wanted to put aside what happened last week and focused on their relationship, but ended up warning him about Courtney again. Returning to the group in tears, she told Lindzi, "I think he hates me."

When it was time to send home another girl, Ben left it between Jennifer and Emily before handing out the final rose. He once again kept Emily, eliminating Jennifer whom he once praised for being the best kisser. "I thought it went well, so I don't know. I just don't get it," tearful Jennifer said.

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