Seal: My Love for Heidi Klum Has Not Waned One Iota

Seal: My Love for Heidi Klum Has Not Waned One Iota

During a sit down with Piers Morgan, the 'Let's Stay Together' singer says there is hope for reconciliation with the 'Project Runway' host as saying, 'You can never say never.'
Seal may have separated from wife of nearly seven years Heidi Klum, but he clearly isn't going to restraint himself from declaring his love for her. Having called the supermodel "the most wonderful woman in the world" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", the 48-year-old musician said in another interview that his love for her hasn't changed one bit.

"My love for her has not waned one iota. I love her with all my heart," gushed the "Kiss from a Rose" hitmaker during a sit down with Piers Morgan for a Tuesday, January 24 appearance on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight". He added, "How can you not love somebody that you have just spent eight years with?"

Asked if there is a chance of reconciliation, Seal responded, "You can never say never." He continued, "I'm not going to sit here and B.S. you and tell you we haven't had problems. Of course we've had problems, otherwise, why are we splitting up? This is not a charade. We have problems. We have issues, but in our favor - to our credit - we have always been able to talk about them."

The "Let's Stay Together" singer further said, "Whether we get back together or not, it may happen. I can't speak for her. Would I like it to? I don't know. I don't know at this point, to be honest, Piers. I think again, if it were that easy, if there weren't problems, we'd still be together. That is the reality."

As for keeping his wedding ring on his finger, Seal explained, "I'm still wearing my wedding ring because I am still married to this incredible woman and you don't all of a sudden from one day to the next just say, 'I hate...,' unless you are those type of people, just say, 'I hate you and take off your wedding ring.' "

"What this means to me and what it stands for, it stands for respect," he went on to stress. "It stands for loyalty, it stands for incredible memories and it stands for these four little miracles and Heidi making five that have come into my life over the past eight years."

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