Showtime Boss Defends Incest Storyline on 'Dexter'

Showtime Boss Defends Incest Storyline on 'Dexter'

Realizing that some see it as a taboo although Dexter and Deb are not genetically related, David Nevins claims the incesty twist is 'something that has been building over a number of years.'
Almost a month after "Dexter" wrapped its sixth season, the controversial twist that finds Deb dealing with her romantic feelings for her brother still became a hot topic at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. During the panel taking place on Thursday, January 12, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins defended the incest storyline.

"I'm aware that there's a certain taboo despite the fact that they're not genetically related," Nevins admitted before quickly adding, "But [this is] something that has been building over a number of years. It's an idea that's informed how they've done that show for a long time."

On how Deb will deal with her newfound feelings for her adoptive brother after she saw him executing a serial killer, Nevins shared, "There should be fundamentally different dynamics now that Deb [knows about Dex] and it's going to ricochet." He went on claiming, "I've been pushing to shake up the formula a bit.... It's time to shake up Dexter so he's not just a lone wolf."

Also talking about what's coming in season 7 after the reveal, executive producer Manny Coto told TV Guide, "It's going to be a different dynamic... What we've done is upended the show, and it's now no longer about a guy who's trying to keep his secret from his sister and everyone else around him."

"Debra has a big decision to make: 'Do I turn him in? What do I do about this? I've just seen him kill somebody.' That's the first thing we're going to be dealing with," he promised. "Obviously, even if you're in love with someone, if you've just seen that person kill someone in cold blood your feelings are going to change."

"So her feelings will have to evolve given that revelation, but they will be taken into account. They will come forward throughout the season to inform how she's going to respond to this," Coto further detailed.

While Nevis has stated that "Dexter" will likely end after the eighth season, Coto said they are "not really looking at an end game right now." He argued, "In a way, it's almost like every season is a form of an end game. This season could've been an end to 'Dexter', setting it up for the movies, for example. So every season kind of comes to it's own conclusion and can be a sort of end game."

On his statement about the possible "Dexter" movies, he explained that he's "just speculating." He added, "I've heard nothing about it. I'm actually just projecting from my own experience on '24'."

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