Simon Cowell Defends Nicole Scherzinger After 'X Factor' Backlash

Simon Cowell Defends Nicole Scherzinger After 'X Factor' Backlash

'If she knew Rachel was going to be in the bottom, she would've gone the other way,' so the British producer says of his fellow 'The X Factor (US)' judge who has been blamed for Rachel Crow's exit.
Simon Cowell has just lost one of his acts again on "The X Factor (US)", but unlike some people who blame Nicole Scherzinger for Rachel Crow's elimination, he has no hard feelings against his fellow judge. Speaking to reporters after the Thursday, December 8 result show, the reality series' creator even defended her decision to vote for Marcus Canty and force a deadlock.

"[Nicole] didn't do this out of spite," Simon said. "What she was trying to do was to let Marcus go with some dignity. No question, if she knew Rachel was going to be in the bottom, she would've gone the other way." He added, "If there are death threats and stuff like that, it's crazy. Nicole is not a vindictive person."

The former "American Idol" judge also shared his positive thought on Rachel's shocking exit. "This could be a good thing for her - a wake-up call for Rachel and her career going forward," he argued. "I've spoken to her and I said, 'It's better to do this than be third in a weird way'."

He went on reasoning, "[Because] if we didn't know she was in the bottom and I thought she may have a chance at winning, that's a whole different ballgame. But being in the bottom, chances are she wasn't going to win this competition and Rachel said she thought she was."

Nicole herself has admitted that she never meant to send Rachel home, explaining "I wasn't going to be the one to send anyone home. Did I think America probably would have chosen Rachel? ... The probability was that they would have sent Marcus home."

Just like the 13-year-old who collapsed on the stage and burst into tears upon learning her fate, the former member of The Pussycat Dolls also started crying. "When I saw that look on her face [I felt] that I let her down, like I dropped her. I could have been holding on and I dropped her," she admitted. "She is the sunshine of our show, so it's hard to see her cry."

Though she was visibly upset about the result, Rachel is not mad at Nicole. Sharing what they talked about when she ran into the judge backstage after the show, the young singer said, "She told me that she was sorry. I don't know why she said that, but I saw her in her dressing room and ... I told her it was okay and not her fault."

She even urged her fans to stop making hateful messages to Nicole, "I want to say to all those people, 'Stop, Please.' [Nicole] is the nicest person and the most beautiful person inside and out. ... She is amazing, and I don't understand why people are taking it out on her. It's no one's fault. It's not even America's fault. It's no one person's fault. It's just what God had in store for me. And I will be okay."

Rachel indeed may see a bright future for her since Disney has shown its interest to the 13-year-old girl. A rep for the Mouse House has told TMZ, "Now that she has been eliminated off 'X Factor', a general meeting is planned with her and Disney Channel executives soon."

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